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Executive Coaching
(Research and Investment Banking)


An international research and investment banking firm


The Chairman of the organization approached us to work with one of the Deputy Chairmen in the organization.  The firm had recently re-structured part of its operations and was now placing increased emphasis on the relationship-building strengths of its most senior partners.  One of the most significant and talented of these leaders had expressed interest in working with an external coach on enhancing personal effectiveness to compliment his prodigious and proven business generation ability.


We approached the engagement with curiosity, as it is unusual, in our experience, for this type of firm and their most effective senior personnel, to be open and interested in the coaching process.  We explored what the individual wanted from the process, the extent to which he had thought through the potential benefits and challenges of working with an executive coach and the degree to which he was aware of his strengths and liabilities. When both parties were satisfied that there was sufficient clarity around these matters, we discussed the program elements, what the coach’s role is and is not, and agreed to begin to work on some specific behaviors.

An important aspect of the work was the development of a feedback guideline which could be used with a number of colleagues.  It focused on specific areas of behavior in which the executive wanted candid, constructive input as to his impact.  This process included the coach gathering the input, synthesizing the findings and framing an important feedback conversation.  This step in the program turned out to be one of the single most powerful elements in the individual being able to focus directly on the one or two key areas in which deliberate and disciplined attention would have the greatest possible positive impact on his relationships.


The organization noticed more consistent behavior from this executive and it responded in several ways.  First, there was an increased willingness by colleagues to work collaboratively on business opportunities, a stronger sense of team emerged and new people were attracted to join the executive’s group.  In summary, the executive’s already-strong contribution to the growth of the firm was strengthened considerably.

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