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Business Coaching
(Professional Services)


A Big Four Professional Services Firm


The firm identified a small group of senior managers with partner-potential, to be offered individual executive coaching support.  The group came from across a broad consulting practice area, including men and women with backgrounds in strategy, operations, human capital, technology as well as experience in various industries.  The firm presented this coaching support as a perquisite and special investment in the growth and retention of its top talent.


Initial conversations with each individual focused on areas in which they wanted to match their intent more closely with their direct impact on others; our focus was on helping them to achieve the business results that they viewed as of importance to their growth and the growth of the business.


A program focus was then developed, which highlighted the key areas of interest and a personal plan was created to incorporate their key developmental objectives.  Finally, each defined the key indicators for success, the business relationships they wanted to deepen and the ongoing ‘agenda’ for our meetings.


The firm made its expressed commitment to its people tangible, in a way that had not been done before.  The exercise of identifying the individuals who were to be offered the program assisted the partners in clarifying what they meant by ‘talent’ and helped them to talk about the leadership needs for the practice over the longer-term.

Those offered the external coaching resource began to look at their relationship with the firm in a new way.  They had clear evidence of the commitment to them and were then able to look more closely at their own developmental needs and how they might prepare for the next stage of career growth.

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    (Professional Services)

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