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Corporate Executive Coaching


The President of the Canadian operations of a global communications business


When he was promoted to the senior position of the organization, the new President wanted access to an executive coach to improve his effectiveness in his new role and, in particular, with his Vice Presidents.


The Vice Presidents of the company and other senior leaders provided feedback, enabling the new President to focus on areas that required improvement. Subsequently, a series of coaching sessions were held at one-to-two week intervals with the President, assessing his actions and their impact on his colleagues.


The President became very skilled in his ability to recognize the effect of his actions on the senior team and others in the organization. He also became more consultative, focusing on overall accountabilities rather than the ways and means to achieve key results. As the President became more confident in his leadership role, he encouraged the company’s Vice Presidents to engage more fully with their portfolios.

  1. Business Coaching
    (Professional Services)

  2. Major Business Transformation, Executive Coaching, Leadership and Top Team Development

  3. International Leadership Coaching
    (Consulting/Legal Services)

  4. Corporate Executive Coaching

  5. Leadership Development and Coaching
    (Software Consulting)

  6. Strategic Direction and Board Development
    (Health Care)

  7. Business Coaching (Professional Services Firm)

  8. Executive Coaching
    (Research and Investment Banking)

  9. Strategic Visioning and Leadership Accountability

  10. Leadership Coaching (Applied Research)

  11. Executive Team Alignment (Energy)

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