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International Leadership Coaching
(Consulting/Legal Services)


A global management consulting firm


The senior leader recognized the need to motivate the professionals within the practice and create a “culture of success” for a corporation facing an uncertain future. As a newcomer to an established environment, he needed to understand their requirements and how to support and enhance their impact on the business.


The work included meetings with practice professionals and senior staff members who provided input specifying key areas where change was desired. They also identified their expectations from their new leader. The information was shared with the senior leader who reviewed his approaches and actions based on the feedback regarding his performance.


The senior leader became more confident in the ability of the practice professionals to meet the challenges of an uncertain business environment. He also improved his skills at determining when and where his involvement with the day-to-day operations of the business would be of highest value in its success.

  1. Business Coaching
    (Professional Services)

  2. Major Business Transformation, Executive Coaching, Leadership and Top Team Development

  3. International Leadership Coaching
    (Consulting/Legal Services)

  4. Corporate Executive Coaching

  5. Leadership Development and Coaching
    (Software Consulting)

  6. Strategic Direction and Board Development
    (Health Care)

  7. Business Coaching (Professional Services Firm)

  8. Executive Coaching
    (Research and Investment Banking)

  9. Strategic Visioning and Leadership Accountability

  10. Leadership Coaching (Applied Research)

  11. Executive Team Alignment (Energy)

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