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Executive Team Alignment (Energy)


The Transmission and Distribution leadership of a major utility


The senior team had never had a focused approach to setting a system-wide strategy.  Many were skeptical of the need for such an exercise, much preferring to manage their portfolios in an independent manner.  At the same time, significant people issues were looming—succession, skilled workers, union expectations—which would require significant focus across all parts of the extensive geography being served.


In combination with the Vice-President, a highly-focused and interactive session was designed, with work modules over a three-day program.  Adequate time was made available for participants to interact in informal gatherings throughout the time.  A number of key questions were addressed and participants were given the opportunity to discuss their perspectives as to the critical strategic issues and share their experiences which might offer new and practical approaches to addressing them.

The major challenges in guiding and facilitating these sessions were first to recognize where the agenda required modification, as new elements emerged that were clearly of central importance to the task and second, to push individuals to be clear in their statements, intention and commitment to the required actions.


The participants were unanimous that they had now established an important forum for dealing with the ‘big’ issues.  The Vice-President indicated that the session had exceeded his expectations and that his senior team members had quickly moved from skepticism to support, as a result of the disciplined process we followed and the results which emerged.

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