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Business Leaders: Coaching for Enhanced Results


  • Focus is on integrating behaviours with intended business impact
  • Anchored in clear awareness of what works for the person today (and what doesn’t)
  • Effective coaching must relate personal development to real work situations
  • Major emphasis on generating sustainable results, as quickly as possible
  • The understanding of ‘intention’ and actual ‘impact’ is assisted by some focused, candid and confidential input from colleagues on key areas of improvement as well as existing strengths

The Coaching 'Contract':

  • Business Coaches don’t ‘change’ people; they support them in getting the results they are seeking, in terms of effectiveness in their work settings
  • The personal contract i.e. between Leader and Coach, needs to be specific as to desired outcomes, how they will be assessed and respective responsibilities in the relationship
  • Conversations are confidential, but the individual is strongly encouraged to discuss progress with Sponsoring Leader
  • Commitment by the Coach is to be challenging, forthright, supportive and respectful at all times

The 'Business' Contract

  • Typical elapsed time for focused coaching programs is generally 5-6 months, with more intensive contact in the first 2-3 months;
  • The coach assists each client in tailoring a program which includes feedback on key developmental areas, a focused work agenda with key action steps and a schedule of sessions to review results against plan; and
  • Bi-weekly sessions seem to work best, as they allow the client sufficient time to put plans into action, assess results and identify what is working and what could work better.


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